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The Residences at Water Tower

The Magnificent Mile draws in millions of people from around the U.S. and the world every year.

The Residences at Water Tower

180 East Pearson Chicago Illinois 60611
As one of the most iconic buildings in all of Chicago, Water Tower Place evokes the image of both luxury and history. Residences lie above The Ritz-Carlton and utilize all of the stunning amenities the luxurious Hotel has to offer. The famous building is a Chicago landmark on the Magnificent Mile and is home to many popular branded storefronts. Besides the significant retail presence, the building is also home to stunning luxury residences as well as other businesses.

Neighborhood and Building History

Known to many as one of the greatest avenues in the world, The Magnificent Mile draws in millions of people from around the U.S. and the world every year. Major brands focus on creating extraordinary store and event experiences along this street, drawing in crowds, and keeping the atmosphere lively and exciting. As one of the most successful commercial, residential, cultural, and tourist areas in the country, The Magnificent Mile offers an unforgettable and unique experience to every visitor.
Located right in the middle of The Magnificent Mile is Water Tower Place, home of Chicago’s most well-known shopping center. Originally built in the mid-1970s, the 78-story, 859-foot
the building now features premier retailers, luxurious hotels, stunning theaters, and luxury condominiums, among others. The building is the 26th tallest in the United States, features 260 units, and is a favorite destination among tourists and locals alike because of its incredible background and famed retail power.

Features and Amenities

Besides its location on the renowned Magnificent Mile, Water Tower Place offers a variety of amenities for its luxury condominium residents. Specific to Water Tower Place, residents can utilize a concierge, 24/7 door staff, and an impressive fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment.
Residents of Water Tower Place can also utilize all of the amenities available to guests of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which is also located within this building. These benefits include an indoor pool, luxury spa, an exclusive lounge, and unique dining venues, including an outdoor rooftop.
The units within the residences themselves are just as luxurious and modern as the other areas of this building. Most units have undergone extensive renovations, ensuring all areas are tasteful, updated, and stylish. Units feature contemporary finishes, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for a vast amount of light, and arguably the most iconic view of the cityscape in all of Chicago.

What to Expect from The Residences at Water Tower Place

Living at The Residences at Water Tower Place provides the most iconic and luxurious Chicago experience to residents. The best shopping in the entire city along the Mile is easily accessible, allowing residents the freedom to explore the many high-end retail options up and down this avenue. There are frequently distinctive pop-up stores, experiences, and events as well, making for endless opportunities to explore and try new things.
For those who love eating and drinking, Water Tower Place is within walking distance of the best bars and restaurants Chicago has to offer. Some of the most popular eats in the city are only a short walk away, featured at places such as Osteria Del Pastaio, JoJo’s Shake Bar, and Rosebud Steakhouse. Trendy bars such as The Signature Room and Z Bar are only a short walk away as well, making a thrilling night in the city with friends easily attainable.
Competition is stiff when you’re trying to secure a luxury condo along the Mile, especially when the building features the best amenities and views that Chicago has to offer. In order to own a unit at Water Tower Place, it is best to work with a broker who understands current market trends as well as the building and its surrounding area.
With more than $600 million in career sales in the Chicago area, Michael Rosenblum is Chicago's top producing broker within the River North Neighborhood. Michael has helped buyers find multiple units within The Residences and the surrounding areas, and he has the knowledge and expertise necessary for navigating the Chicago real estate market. With his expertise regarding this building as well as the surrounding area, Michael can help buyers find the ideal luxury unit within The Residences for them and their families.

Michael's Sales to Date

3302 2 2 0 1775  
3307 3 3 1 2754  
3504 3 3 1 2754  
3606 3 3 0 2975  
3703 2 2 0 1775  
3707 3 3 1 2754 SOLD 2X
3807 3 3 0 2754  
4102 2 2 0 1775  
4201 3 3 0 2754  
4204 3 3 1 2754  
4402 2 2 0 1775  
4403 2 2 0 1775  
4505 4 5 0 3320  
4506 3 3 0 2975  
4601 3 4 0 2754  
4604 3 2 1 2754  
4701 3 3 0 2754  
4705 3 3 1 3320  
4707 3 3 0 2754  
4903 2 2 0 1737  
5003 2 2 0 1775  
5107 3 4 0 2754 SOLD 2x
5202 2 2 0 1775  
5207 2 3 1 2754 SOLD 3x
5504 4 5 1 3320  
5605 3 3 0 2975  
5701 3 3 0 2754  
5802 3 3 0 2975 SOLD 2x
5805 3 3 0 2975 SOLD 2x
5901 3 2 1 2754  
6104 4 4 0 3320  
6504 4 5 0 3320 SOLD 2x
6601 3 2 1 2754 SOLD 4x
6707 3 4 1 6224  
6807 3 3 0 3320  
For more information about how to secure one of these stunning units at The Residences, contact Michael Rosenblum by emailing [email protected] or calling 312-893-8162.
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