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Happily Ever Always

Want to Raise Your Confidence? Want to Build Career Momentum? Looking to Overcome Personal Obstacles? Finding your bliss is possible and never too late. Michael Rosenblum, one of America’s top real estate brokers says that discovering your personal truth will empower you to find the balance and security needed to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and achieve your dreams. At the heart of his philosophy is understanding how life’s trials and triumphs, along with the myriad of people you encounter every day, are integral to unlocking the mystery to happiness and personal transformation.


The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

From Michael Rosenblum, the bestselling author of Happily Ever Always: A Guide to Personal Transformation, Security, Confidence, and Healthy Self, comes a debut book for beginning readers. This ageless story introduces us to a caterpillar named "Fear". Fear is afraid of everything - the other critters who share the garden, lightning storms, being bullied and making new friends. A chance encounter with a wise butterfly named "Faith" helps Fear find the courage within to experience the world in a bolder and more joy-filled way. Rosenblum's message for children is simple yet profound: fear is just faith turned inside out.


A Garden of Flowers

A Garden of Flowers is a beautiful and heartwarming celebration of diversity and uniqueness. It reminds young readers that every person brings a valuable perspective to our world, making it a more vibrant and exciting place to live in. A sequel to Michael Rosenblum's popular The Caterpillar and the Butterfly, in A Garden of Flowers we see the return of the butterfly Faith who helps bring understanding and peace to a squabbling garden. The book's message is clear: we are ALL born as a special gift to teach each other about ourselves. The delightful full-page artwork accompanying the story adds a touch of magic, bringing to life the colorful world of flowers and their unique characteristics. The story acknowledges that just as every flower in a garden is different and beautiful, every person is beautifully unique and special in their own way. It teaches children the importance of accepting and celebrating differences and diversity, and how our differences make our world a dynamic and fascinating place to live in. After all, if all our colors were the same, we wouldn't have rainbows.

Your happiness, delivered.

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