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    340 E. Randolph #3301$2,497,000
  • SOLDListed
    6 days
    520 W. Huron #510$610,000
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    8 days
    1915 N. Larrabee #B$690,000
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    15 days
    500 W.Superior #1702$590,000

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There is no question that Michael’s background and success in the media industry has given him a competitive edge in the real estate market. He stays ahead of the curve by infusing new-school marketing initiatives with old-school techniques, resulting in better engagement with the people who matter.

In order to reach such a vast community of people, Michael balances his marketing efforts and places emphasis on the opportunities that statistically deliver the best results for the client.

Unlike his competitors that subscribe to the philosophy that more exposure leads to better results, Michael believes in quality over quantity.


“Around 13 years ago I bought my unit at 520 N Huron, Michael represented the seller, and have been very happy there. This past January, I decided it was time to put it on the market, so I decided to get in touch with Michael again. He’s sold a bunch of units in the building and I figured he could bring me a good return on my investment. I hadn’t done much with the place during the time I lived there, and when Michael saw my unit, he recommended that I renovate before selling in order to get the best price. I was busy with work and had another house being remodeled at the time, so I told him I didn’t think I’d have time to coordinate the work. Michael offered to act as the general contractor for the remodel and had everything done in a month. We put the unit on the market March 1st, had an offer by March 3rd, and closed out the sale just a few days ago. I was really happy to have Michael take the lead on the remodel. Without the updated fixtures, he wasn’t sure if the sale would have gone so well. In comparison to some of the other brokers I’ve worked with, he was definitely the most hands-on and upfront. He knows what works, takes charge and gets the job done. Couldn’t have asked for a better selling experience.”

Eric Sampson, Sold 3/20/17

“Ten years ago, Michael was the listing broker when my husband and my brother bought our condo in River North and when it came time for us to sell it, we decided to hire him rather than work with the agent who helped us in the purchase. We started the process in the late summer, and listed the unit right after Labor Day. Throughout the process, Michael was super attentive to all our needs and it was apparent that he was working his hardest to make the sale. I definitely feel like he went the extra mile by coordinating/collecting bids with all the vendors for inspection items we agreed to fix. We never discussed him taking the lead with those details, but he made our lives so much easier by doing that for us. When it came to getting the unit sold, Michael was very proactive in finding prospective buyers. We didn’t really know the market well or who to talk to, but he was always out there networking and marketing on our behalf. And after every showing, he would call us and give us a detailed report of what the potential buyer liked or didn’t like and whether he thought they might want to make an offer. I would recommend him in a heartbeat, just for his diligent commitment to communication. After taking Michael’s advice and remaining patient, we were able to get the unit sold earlier this month. He knows how to get the deal done, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.”

Suzanne Nelson, Sold 3/10/17

“I hired Michael in late October of 2016, when the market wasn’t doing so great. I had already had the property on the market for several months at that point. I have a brokers license, so I initially tried to sell it myself last spring. After a few months on my own, I hired a friend to give it a shot. That didn’t work either, so I wound up hiring Michael for his intimate knowledge of the landscape. He had sold another unit in my building previously and everything I had heard from that experience sounded positive. Even though the market wasn’t doing well when I started working with Michael, he convinced me to be patient and was attentive to all my needs throughout our work together. He called me after every showing and kept me updated on all the local real estate trends. He also made a few aesthetic recommendations to help sell the unit at a higher price. The detailed market data he provided me kept me faithful in his commitment to make the sale–most brokers wouldn’t go through all that work. Eventually, I received an offer on the property, but it was lower than I had wanted. Michael took the initiative to negotiate with the buyer, and we eventually landed on a price everyone was happy with. And when we closed the deal a few days ago, I found out it was the highest sale in my building in the past 12 months. I really have to hand it to Michael for his guidance and expertise. Without him, I might still be looking for a buyer today. If you’re selling in River North, this is the guy to trust.”

Justin Elliott, Sold 3/9/17

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