A top-selling real estate broker's secret guide to confidence, contentedness and security.


 As this genre-bending autobiographical journey unfolds, you’re asked to reflect and record your own thoughts (through a series of 10 exercises) as Rosenblum unearths the secrets and emotional growth spurts that ultimately unleashed his unquenchable desire to make good. However, for Rosenblum, good “business” isn’t good enough. As someone who passionately believes his own joy is measured in equal proportion to the happiness of those around him; he strives to make authentic connections with everyone he meets. Rosenblum argues that we’re all inextricably linked, not simply by mutual business interests, technology or geography, but spiritually. And, he says, when we intentionally seek this last connection with others, it triggers “greatness” to flood our lives. In turn, this altruistic, fluid energy opens a vast network of prosperity and potential, ultimately leading you to realize why you deserve to ALWAYS live Happily Ever. 


Why you deserve Happily Ever ALWAYS.

How to overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

How to uncover your talents and gifts.

What spirituality has to do with success.

How to trigger "goodness" in all areas of your life.